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UNT's commitment to efficiency

Jan. 29, 2013

Dear faculty and staff,

President V. Lane RawlinsI have been with you for two and one half years and continue each day to be impressed with something new I learn about UNT. What a powerful university and great place for students to launch careers and lives!

Through our campus-wide strategic planning process, completed last year, we set four goals for the future. They have become known as the four bold goals because they are indeed bold and set a course that will help UNT reach our full potential as a great university. Of course, there are obstacles and too many of those have a dollar sign attached. But the pursuance of excellence even when resources are scarce is an effort we owe to our students.

What has become known as the “third bold goal,” which is to provide the best in cost-effective and client-friendly service and operations, may be less visible in academic circles than excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and performance, but it is no less important to our future. 

The President's Management Excellence Council is overseeing a number of cost-saving efforts and there are some real returns in energy savings, management efficiency and good business practices. And our increased focus on client-friendly services - especially as they relate directly to our students - appears to be moving us ahead in retention, graduation and other indicators of student success.

Nationally, many universities have had to completely reorganize and change policies in response to fiscal pressures and enrollment declines. The increased reliance on tuition rather than state appropriations also creates a different budget environment, where revenue is more closely tied to current enrollment. We are not immune from these factors in Texas, though we are relatively fortunate in the level of state support. But with that comes very close oversight and expectations of efficiency.

We have retained a consulting group to review our business practices. They are making many recommendations on a range of things from our purchasing policies to our organizational structure. We are considering some of the recommendations at this time. You may see some differences in how we do business, and in some areas we may make organizational changes. A small percentage of you may be directly affected but rest assured that we will keep you informed and will be cognizant of your interests.

As a university, we have a rare opportunity to improve the quality of all that we do. We have made an institutional decision to do that and I am impressed with the degree to which you have made this a personal challenge. 

I look forward to seeing you in various places and at events throughout the semester.


V. Lane Rawlins

UNT President

Posted on: Tue 29 January 2013

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