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Holden’s essay becomes part of popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Jan HoldenIn her essay Hourglass of Love, counseling and higher education chairwoman Jan Holden describes one of her first experiences learning and practicing induced after-death communication, in which she interacted with a deceased loved one and shared the experience with her family.

Holden’s essay was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven last month. The newest edition features 101 stories from contributors illustrating how accepting what may seem unbelievable can provide comfort and peace after a loss.

“Although this is a personal story of a very meaningful experience of communication with my deceased Uncle Ray, it’s also a story tied closely to my research at UNT,” Holden said.

Holden, who researches numerous topics including transpersonal and spiritual issues in counseling, recounts her experience after traveling to Chicago with a few of her counseling graduate students to learn induced after-death communication, which is used while working with bereaved people interested in communicating with the friend or family member they are grieving.

“At least one third of people experience spontaneous after-death communication some time in their lives, and that experience is not an indication of mental illness,” Holden said. “The experience is almost always positive, comforting, reassuring and hope-engendering.”

In induced after-death communication, the bereaved person may have the experience facilitated rather than waiting for it to happen spontaneously.

Holden hopes publishing her story will remove some stigma surrounding the practice, and will inform readers of the positive effects of after-death communication.

- Leslie Wimmer, News Promotions

Posted on: Wed 07 March 2012

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