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February's monthly computing newsletter available

The Febuary 2013 issue of Benchmarks Online is now available. Learn more below or from Claudia Lynch.

 Featured articles in Benchmarks Online are: 

  • Campus Computing News: It's official, UNT has a new wireless website! - In order to try to keep up with ever changing technology and provide a good line of communication with our students, staff, and faculty, we have published a new official website for all things wireless. One of our biggest challenges has been to provide accurate and timely information regarding changes, updates, notifications, etc. for the campus wireless network.
  • Google Docs and Phishing Alert - UNT System IT Shared Services recently announced that certain kinds of e-mail messages will be subject to quarantine, in particular, messages that contain a Google Doc link. According to a message from System CIO Michael DiPaolo, "These emails are being quarantined because of an increase in phishing attacks using Google Docs."
  • New Computer Kiosks Available in Sage Hall - Academic Computing and User Services (ACUS) is now providing 12 computer kiosks in Sage Hall. Kiosks were popular in the building when it housed the College of Business and ACUS has expanded on the original kiosk offerings.
  • UNT Personal Web Page Server Termination - The personal web page site,, will be shut down as of May 31, 2013. This service has not kept pace with contemporary developments in web publishing, so it will be retired in favor of some new services to be announced at a later date. UNT students or employees who still maintain information on should download and save a local copy as soon as possible.
  • ITSS Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 2 (January 2013) of the ITSS Quarterly Newsletter is now available. It is comprised of IT-related news relevant to anyone who uses or has an interest in shared services and applications throughout the UNT System and its member institutions.
  • Today's Cartoon - information age humor.
  • By the Numbers - A glimpse behind the scenes of the volumes of data and spam processed, managed and otherwise handled.
  • RSS Matters - monthly column by the Research and Statistical Support Group in Academic Computing and User Services.This month we have “an oldie but a goodie“ from Dr. Jon Starkweather: “Model Specification Error…Are you straight, or do you have curves?."
  • The Network Connection - This monthPhilip Baczewski notes that “Cyberspace is Becoming a Rough Neighborhood.” 
  • Link of the Month - This month’s link is “UNT|System Wireless Networking."
  • Helpdesk FYI - This month's article is “UNT Bulk Mail Message Types." 
  • Training - This column keeps you up-to-date on all sorts of training opportunities. Remember, Blackboard Learn 9.1 Bootcamps are being offered through May. The University Forum on Teaching & Learning is coming up in April. As always, SPSS and SAS courses are offered online only. R is also online only. All employees need to take an Information Security course.
  • Staff Activities - New employees, people who are no longer employed by UIT, awards and recognitions and other items of interest featured here.

Posted on: Mon 18 February 2013

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