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Deadline April 1 to transition materials to new graphic brand

Stationery and business cards with “A green light to greatness.” and related brand designs should be used by all departments beginning April 1.

Printing and Distribution Solutions is offering a Cheap Cialis Generic Online. on letterhead and envelope orders with the new brand throughout March.

Brand designs, announced Feb. 13, 2012, viagra with out prescription. and its strategic plan, and reflects UNT’s growth and progress.

2012 brand revise, letterheadUniversity stationery and business cards are the most widely distributed element of institutional communication.

This includes letterhead, envelopes, right, business cards and official forms; all are available from find viagra free sites. .

The new design templates offer flexibility while maintaining consistency throughout.

Please ensure that your department is supporting UNT brand promotions by updating materials.

  • Learn more about the new designs, visit Viagra Video view. .
  • All departments should transition to the Caverta Cheap watch. by April 1.

- Nicole Martin, student assistant, URCM


Posted on: Wed 20 February 2013

Owning Excellence

Faculty and staff members have roles in transforming UNT into a nationally prominent university. Share your ideas on how you can help UNT to own excellence, keep students on track and improve graduation education.

Mean Green Pride


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