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Mayborn School of Journalism

Dallas mayor receives award from Mayborn School of Journalism

Mike Rawlings, who worked in the advertising industry before going into politics, has been named to the Shuford Hall of Honor. He and other award winners will be honored in a ceremony April 16.

Posted on: Tue 15 April 2014

Getschow to receive award from Bush library

Former First Lady Barbara Bush will award the Mayborn School of Journalism lecturer with the Outstanding Educator Award in a ceremony April 10 in College Station.

Posted on: Fri 04 April 2014

Mayborn School of Journalism to host media awards luncheon

The March 20 Barbara Jordan Media Awards Luncheon will honor media professionals who accurately and positively report on individuals with disabilities. Bob Phillips of "Texas Country Reporter" will serve as keynote speaker.

Posted on: Thu 06 March 2014

Women journalists covering Mexican murders faced chilling impact

Tracy Everbach, associate professor of journalism, followed women journalists covering the drug cartel wars and discovered they faced death threats and needed emotional support from each other. Her findings appeared on the cover of the journalism magazine Quill.

Posted on: Wed 12 February 2014

Conference to focus on writing about medicine, science and technology

The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, celebrating its 10th anniversary, will feature science writer David Quammen and Pulitzer Prize winners Lawrence Wright and Sheri Fink. Early registration for the July 18-20 event ends May 1.

Posted on: Mon 03 February 2014

Reporter will discuss witnessing JFK assasination

Journalist Hugh Aynesworth will speak at the Nov. 20 screening of the documentary "JFK50: Eyewitness to History," in which he and other observers remember the events of that weekend. The Mayborn School of Journalism is sponsoring the event with The Dallas Morning News.

Posted on: Fri 15 November 2013

Journalism students find "Heart of Mexico"

A new website features the stories and documentaries students made on a study abroad trip.

Posted on: Tue 15 October 2013

Portrait Gallery: George Getschow, principal lecturer, Mayborn School of Journalism

George Getschow, principal lecturerer in the Mayborn School of Journalism, regularly reviews the writing of students who may dream of winning one of the most coveted awards in journalism - a Pulitzer Prize. This year he was a juror for the Feature Writing category.

Posted on: Thu 11 July 2013

Newspaper association recognizes student journalism

Nine alumni and two students of the Mayborn School of Journalism and the Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism contributed to an award-winning series of articles published by the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Posted on: Wed 10 April 2013

Peace activist, former journalist tapped for Mayborn award

Vivian Castleberry, former Dallas newspaper journalist and namesake of UNT's Castleberry Peace Institute, will join the Shuford Hall of Honor at the Mayborn School of Journalism - the school's highest honor. Learn more, find other Mayborn award winners.

Posted on: Tue 02 April 2013