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CARE Team: Help for students with personal, classroom issues

Faculty and staff are reminded that the university offers a service, the CARE Team, to help students whose behavior is disruptive to him or herself or to the educational environment.

To refer by email, provide contact Include the student’s name and a brief narrative of behavior. The CARE Team meets regularly and will review referrals. If a situation requires immediate attention, an emergency CARE Team meeting can be held. If danger or suicidal behavior appears imminent, stay calm and call 911. 

The team offers tips for recognizing students in distress:
• Changes in academic performance, pattern of interaction, or physical appearance.
• Significant drop in examination scores.
• Problems concentrating and remembering things or making decisions.
• Repeated requests for special consideration.
• Being disruptive to other students, faculty or staff.
• Exaggerated emotional responses, persistent sadness or unexplained cryin.g
• High levels of irritability or disturbed behavior.
• Outbursts of anger, irrational feelings, inability to communicate clearly or loss of contact with reality.
• Suspiciousness, feeling persecuted, feelings of hopelessness.
• Threats of harming self or others.

The CARE Team was created by a mental health task force appointed by the Division of Student Development. Members are:
Maureen McGuinness, acting chair, assistant vice president for Student Development
Celia Williamson, deputy provost for Academic Affairs
Ed Reynolds, deputy chief of police
Jacob Huffman, assistant director of the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities
Judy McConnell, director of the Counseling and Testing
Elisabeth Warren, director of Housing

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