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Brand Principle 2 addresses campaign theme and theme line

Brand campaign themeBy Rolando Rivas, director, graphic brand management

To help UNT continue to earn greater prominence regionally and nationally, the Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing is developing a comprehensive brand communications guide.

To help the university build stronger brand recognition, every unit on campus must adopt the brand principles and follow the guidelines that support it.

Brand Principle 1*

The first brand principle, summarized at the end of this article, identifies symbol and color and was announced in October 2012. The second, defined below, is effective as of Jan. 14, 2013.

Brand Principle 2

All units must support the university brand campaign with their communications.

Supporting Guidelines

  • The brand campaign theme line – “A green light to greatness.” – must appear on all communications in its designed graphic. This includes but is not limited to advertising, posters, banners, brochures, flyers, websites, emails, direct marketing and invitations.
    • The theme line can only appear in UNT green (PMS 356), black or white.
    • For printed items, the theme line must be clearly visible and is required on the front.
    • The theme line must be placed in proximity – next to or across from – the UNT lettermark.
  • The brand theme art must be used on all communications, including but not limited to all the items listed above.
  • The brand theme art and theme line should not be altered from their original forms.
  • For promotional items the theme line and theme art are preferred but not required.

Please note that when designing any communications you should always first consider the placement of our brand elements – the UNT marks, the theme line and theme art – to ensure you are meeting brand requirements and supporting our campaign effectively.

We welcome your ideas on how to integrate these elements. If you have any questions regarding use of these elements, please contact Rolando Rivas, director, graphic brand management.

Consistent support of our brand campaign will help further establish UNT as a multifaceted, but unified organization. A unified campus supporting one brand will bring more of the recognition our university deserves. As awareness of UNT as a whole grows, the reputations of individual departments also will grow.

* Previously announced, October 2012

Brand Principle 1

The UNT lettermark is our primary symbol, and our primary color is green – Pantone 356.

Supporting Guidelines

  • The UNT lettermark must appear clearly on the front of every communication and specialty item (giveaways, cups, bottles, shirts, pens, etc.).
  • The university wordmark must appear on all communications, but does not have to be locked-up with the lettermark.
  • The UNT lettermark and wordmark must always appear in UNT green, on UNT green or in the new brand campaign theme art.
  • Our primary palette of UNT green (PMS 356) and white plays a major role in establishing our identity and should be used consistently in all communications.

For approval of purchases using UNT marks, please follow the brand approval process. For branded resources, university marks and support for video visit

  • Questions about branding? Contact Rolando Rivas, director of graphic brand management, 940-565-3520.

Posted on: Tue 29 January 2013

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